Southern California’s Premier Dental Lab Since 1945

A&M Dental has served the greater Los Angeles area for more than 70 years, but you wouldn’t know it by looking in on our lab. We’ve grown to employ a staff of more than 35, but we make a concerted effort to keep our operations on the forefront of technology. We haven’t simply evolved to incorporate a digital workflow, we make the investments to keep our technicians trained and outfitted with latest-generation technology.

Our cutting-edge scanners and mills enable us to fabricate restorations with micrometer-precise tolerances so they seat more accurately than handcrafted build-ups. Precision is only one component of the A&M Dental tradition of excellence, as every restoration from every department undergoes a three-stage quality assurance program as part of our progressive quality control system.

The combination of leading technology and hands-on quality control allows A&M Dental to consistently produce restorations that exceed doctor and patient expectations.